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Koh Phangan: Foreigners continually breaking the Covid-19 rules test the patience of district chief


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When you're desperate for tourists dollar, you get all sorts of them, anywhere between the orderly ones to the I don't give a cr*p I'm here to have good time, there's a need to balanced approach handling these issue, too harsh and you scare them away, too lenient and you get these kind of doofus...

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2 minutes ago, 4MyEgo said:

That went straight over the top, care to elaborate for the not so adapt at this hour in the morning.

The Pattaya Taco Bell guy. Refused to wear a mask, then proceeded to verbally assault and threaten violence upon the other patrons. Was videoed and spread all over the Internet. Was then let off with an apology.

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1 hour ago, ikke1959 said:

wait a minute.. a difficult spot to reach, no access for vehicles, a group of 5/6 foreigners.... What is the problem? They are not sitting in a bar, but in open space, they can not infect someone , because no one will come there.

I guess I missed the part where it says they actually live there, bake their own bread and live from insects. Where in the article does it say so? 

1 hour ago, ikke1959 said:

 but Thais sitting together under  a tree in or around a village ... no problem

Assuming there are 100 Thais sitting under a tree and 5 foreigners sitting there on Koh Phangan, we have just reduced the number from 105 to 100 instead of keeping it at 105. 

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