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Thailand feels the pinch of a golden week with no gold as Chinese stay home


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15 minutes ago, Scouse123 said:

In all but name China has banned their nationals from  travel abroad with the exception of those studying, business, urgent family trips etc They are not even issuing travel documents such as passports unless strict criteria is adhered to, and that doesn't include ' jollies to Thailand '


That also applies for those visiting China unless they have current visas, residence or permission to reside, business etc none of which apply to the standard tourist. There are no plans to change this soon either,  the forthcoming Beijing winter Olympics 2022 next year has a ban on international visiting spectators!! 


So why does Thailand AND Cambodia get the notion that their first choice visitors will be coming to their countries soon before Western arrivals? 


Simply bizarre!

Interesting! Please read my comment too regarding what's going on in China. 

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35 minutes ago, BadSpottedDog said:

Many don't realize that there are massive changes going on in China right now. My daughter has taught English to Chinese kids online for the past 5 years. She is literally "in" these people's homes and gets to know the parents.
China has now declared that the companies can no longer have online foreign tutors. "Cram schools" in China are also purging foreign teachers. Why? Because they don't want foreign influence.
There are many other changes going on as well behind the scenes, like the Evergrande debacle, which is going to affect investors & citizens' finances. I don't think Chinese will be traveling like they used to. 
Thai govt needs to place more importance on the expats who are already living here and contribute greatly to the country. Tourism won't rebound for years, and it seems that China might not be a big part of the tourism industry any more.

Place more important on the foreign communities already here? 

What sort of importance?

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Well, two years ago they were busy at wet markets in Wuhan and other places to ensure sending something Chinese around the world.
You cannot expect the Chinese to come in person or in lieu on a yearly or bi-yearly basis, can you? 


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