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Bangkok named world’s best ’workation’ destination


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5 hours ago, webfact said:

A UK-based holiday lettings search website Holidu.co.uk has named Bangkok the No.1 place for “workation,” a word which describes both work and vacation, from 150 cities surveyed around the world.

Must have been a good luncheon and promise of 2-weeks free in Phuket.

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14 hours ago, Captain Monday said:

Nobody has ever cared about what you do online or on your mobile all day regardless of visa just a joke.


There was a farang living long-term in Thailand two or three years ago who had a Youtube channel where he mainly talked about an orphanage that he helped out at times. He monetized the channel and donated all the proceeds to the orphanage. Thai authorities contacted him and told him to demonetize the channel or it was "work" and he would be deported. Also, in one of the videos, he bought a bunch of chicken and donated it to a fund-raising event for the orphanage and then he had the audacity of helping set up for that event which apparently was considered "work" and also mentioned in the threat to deport him. I forget the guy's name now. 

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