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Chonburi/Pattaya confirms overnight Covid-19 curfew will end on Halloween, October 31st


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12 hours ago, Will B Good said:

So now you can stay out even later doing nothing and not going anywhere......the big sell is on.

Well automatically it will mean restaurants can be open a bit later, as staff will not have to rush off to beat the curfew. We shall have to see if their hours, and maybe serving a beer are relaxed at the same time. I don't expect nightlife will return quite yet. 

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9 minutes ago, Aliflair said:

So no curfew (soon), but we can still be arrested and fined if 2 or more people drink alcohol together anywhere? Yep watch those tourist's beating down the doors to get a piece of that


This could be a big issue if any tourists do actually arrive. As expats we keep up with what we are and are not allowed to do, then decide which rules we want to follow and which ones we're willing to risk ignoring.


If a bunch of perhaps less-informed holiday makers turn up and find the bars closed, it would be a perfectly natural reaction to consider grabbing some beers from 7/11 and sit on the beach drinking them... Oblivious to the fact that they are breaking any laws.

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