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Thai health officials told to discover why many still refuse to get vaccinated


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10 minutes ago, webfact said:

Find the missing TEN MILLION and get them jabbed - Thailand hunts the unvaccinated



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Thailand is determined to vaccinate what have been described as the missing ten million.


These are people who are either hesitant, outright anti-vaxxers or people who have been unable to get even a single Covid-19 jab. 


In order for the country to achieve its aim of 100 million doses by the end of the year and targets of as close to 100% first dose as possible, the Ministry of Public Health are mobilizing its forces to target the missing 10 million.


Official Kiatphoom  Wongjarit told TNN that persuasion would be used.


But there would also be a mild threat that those not vaccinated would be unable to do things that the vaccinated can.


This measure is been seen widely across Europe to get hesitant people and outright anti-vaxxers jabbed for the benefit of the majority. 


Austria is even going the full hog in demanding that everyone is vaccinated as a legal requirement after a huge spike in cases there. 


Thailand is yet to suggest such measures with persuasion still the buzzword. 


But as the country opens and cases of infection could reasonably be expected to spike again as in Europe and elsewhere, the Thai authorities may get more dynamic, suggest ASEAN NOW.


For now it's "softly-softly" but with a government that has been seen to unleash draconian measures on the people with extended curfews and emergency decrees, anything could be possible. 


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I know one lady (mother of GF)....i'll drop a dime on her for 10,000 baht but not less than that....a man has got expenses

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Wife reports mass vaccination event at the temple across the road today.

Doctor came over and gave bedridden MIL her first jab. FIL double jabbed with AZ already.

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there's some old woman that roams around my partner's village with some sort of connection to the local hospital 


6 months ago she advised both parents not to get the vaccine because they had health problems


last week she came again advising them now to get it, and if they said no then they would be refused any future vaccines


parents said 'no' so now they think they are no longer eligible 

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