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This is how Thai's and Thai companies operate .... you make your own conclusion

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3 minutes ago, BKKBike09 said:

It's been nearly a year since the coup and several years since the Rohingya persecution got really bad so, given how long both Total and Chevron have been operating in Yadana, it's taken them a while to develop a conscience.  Chevron and many other oil majors are pulling out of many SE Asian production fields largely because a) many of the fields are heavily depleted and nearing end of life and b) fossil fuels are becoming a liability. I don't think "ethics" has much to do with it. Just bottom line.


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5 minutes ago, richard_smith237 said:

Agreed.....  No large company has ‘ethics’ and these moral standards you (op) seem to believe. 


They talk a lot.. they may sponsor a school, they may offset their carbon footprint, they may quote words like sustainable, renewable, eco-friendly.... They may schmoozy up to the media while manicuring their perfect political landscape with the right terminology......  


.... its all theatre... 

I totally agree ....  the company spiel about ethical behavior and how they care about their employees has long gone .....    I would like to think it did exist in the 70's - 80's ... imo  

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The headline says "This is how Thais and Thai companies operate....", so one Thai company's decision represents all Thais and all Thai companies? This takes Thai bashing to a new level.

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36 minutes ago, cncltd1973 said:

I think the Saudi meeting is a great benefit for Thailand. It's more than likely a way to supply Saudi with a cheap construction force, but that will be money coming back to Thailand. A lot of desperate, unemployed construction workers will get shipped over and their salaries will feed their starving families.

Things have changed here in Saudi. Workers now need to be qualified/certified in the field they work in. Tests are also given before work permits can be renewed.

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10 hours ago, steven100 said:

sorry, Thailand was one country that didn't support UNHCR's boycott and sanctions and arms embargo against Myanmar.    Thailand doesn't give a rats ....   imo

You quote Thailand...

I think you could narrow that down to your favourite friend... you know who.

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This TIT! 


If there is money to be made and even better have a monopolistic business they could care less about being politically correct. 

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