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British man allegedly assaulted with a dumbbell by unidentified foreigner at Pattaya gym following verbal argument over gym equipment


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20 minutes ago, Walker88 said:

I'm continuously reading stories about 'air rage' on commercial aircraft at home

Are you googling, “Air Rage”?


I see a lot of sex lately…..maybe because I’m googling sex.   Lol


seems normal in my part of the world

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2 hours ago, RichardColeman said:

Must be the in thing weapon of choice this season. Was in the media recently about an Aussie assaulting someone with dumbells at the gym in Darwin. 




Darwin seems to be a good term to use in this instance too.

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6 minutes ago, Flemo said:

First in line? What line?

Invisible line... always catches people out.

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1 hour ago, Dukeleto said:

99% of the people at my gym are not what you would term “meat heads”

99% of the people at your gym don't attack people with a dumbbell, so what is your point? It's the 1% as shown here that you have to worry about.

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