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Data from Hunter Biden's laptop is real and was not planted by Russians looking to frame the Biden family: CBS News


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2 minutes ago, SunnyinBangrak said:

if he took kickbacks and did not pay tax on them then yes.


The censorship of this laptop, even though it had been corroborated by TB, and the Bidens did not deny it was real is the biggest scandal of our lifetimes. And it completely changed the political landscape - which I guess is why they are not sorry for doing it 


"79% say ‘truthful’ coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop would have changed 2020 election"



REAL election interference. I think will get answers now we have the house back. It is finally time for some honesty surrounding the Bidens.

Many GOP reps are afraid of overreach. They are going to make the same mistake as 2020 and 2022.

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6 minutes ago, SunnyinBangrak said:

McIsaac gave the laptop to the FBI who did absolutely nothing with it. *wonder why!) It was then he became frustrated and gave a copy to RG. The dishonest tactics the media and DOJ used trying to cover this up still leaves me disgusted. Metadata, hacked materials, Russian disinformation, nothing about Joe in there. Disgraceful.

The media didn't get a copy and it stinker disinformation. 

÷ still there isn't much about Joe. Just that it was suggested he may become shareholder of a JV, which he didn't anyway.

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Just now, SunnyinBangrak said:

It seems some of us have trouble understanding how emails and messages work. 

Not in the least....are e-mails secure? Not in my line of work e-mails were never secure unless sent encrypted via a secured server and then the receiver having to enter credentials to access said information.  Are you saying CBS obtained the information via a secure e-mail, or anyone else who received such (the FBI and others in Congress) received the files securely?  You are a laugh a minute.

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1 hour ago, stoner said:

this whole thing is so laughable. keep fighting amongst each other while the rich get richer. 


now we have 


anti maskers

anti vaxxers 

climate change deniers

and laptop deniers


keep running on that wheel folks. 

Indeed. the rich are using the outrage machine to gin up the useful idiots.

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