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Polish man arrested on Samui Island with canceled student visa, 36 days of overstay, and an Interpol red notice for assault


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5 minutes ago, 4MyEgo said:

Why do all of these overstayers need to make news, especially all of a sudden, is this really news, hard core criminals are they.


How about some news about crimes Thai's are committing, or is that something we don't want to show, they can include corrupt politician's, police, immigration officers and just plain Thai citizens for all I care.


Not Thai bashing, but something relevant in news would be good, as I never heard of overstayers making the news back in my country.

They only seem to be making news here and in that bastion of international news, The Phuket Express, nowhere else, you work it out.

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Where is the pointing fingers at the Polish criminal? 

I am sure he is guilty in everything he is accused of in Poland, but Interpol obviously forgot to confiscate his passport and stop him from entering a flight to Thailand.

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So, ok! First a giant Swede and now a huge Polish guy. Looks like immigration have been have "Mountain of muscle deportation week". Great! They are just grabbing them, pound for pound.

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1 hour ago, HuskerDo2 said:

"they arrested Mr. Michal Kamil Wielebinski, 37, a Polish national"..... He's 37 and is there on a "student visa"? What is he, a career student? Even doctors graduate and start practicing by age 26. When they let people into the country, they need to use common sense. In this case, a 37-year-old on a student visa should have been scrutinized.

Learning Thai was a common loophole for people who wanted to stay longer than the tourist visa allowed. It all went well until people started to promote it on social medial. Once Immigration started to check on school attendance, making the visa shorter and require a test to move on to the next level/visa it started to fall apart. 


It was a good money spinner, there were a few schools where the numbers did not add up.  200+ enrolled students taking a minimum of 4 hours a week with a classroom that fitted less than 10 pax...

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2 hours ago, ukrules said:

Interesting that the 'red notice' was issued for 'assault' and something about posession of illegal ammunition.


Lets look into 'red notices', what they are and under which circumstances that they are normally used :


So murder, rape, child abuse / armed robbery - all very serious crimes which deserve the full force of the law being applied.


I don't see 'assault' or illegal posession of ammunition mentionted though. these would appear to be minor crimes and the Polish government have a history of using everything in their power to enforce and extradite based on the most trivial of offences - more about that later.


Something is wrong here.


Poland are abusing the red notice system based on what I've read so far.


Here's another quote :



Source for quotes, Interpol themselves : https://www.interpol.int/How-we-work/Notices/About-Red-Notices


I post this because the Polish justice system is well known for abusing similar extradition processes between EU countries whilst the UK was in the EU there were many extradition requests for Polish Nationals for the most minor and petty offences you could imagine - like unpaid parking tickets for example.


Anyway - his visa was cancelled so they're kicking him out. End of story.


....sort of Contradictory!  (Maybe Interpol have overriding powers!)


Thailand currently has Extradition Treaties with 14 countries:

  • The USA-Thailand Extradition Treaty
  • The Thailand-UK Extradition Treaty
  • The Thai - Indonesia Extradition Treaty
  • The Belgium-Thailand Extradition Treaty
  • And extradition treaty with Canada
  • the China-Thailand Extradition Treaty
  • the Thai-South Korea Extradition Treaty
  • the Philippines-Thailand Extradition Treaty
  • the Thai-Laos Extradition Treaty
  • the Thai-Cambodia Extradition Treaty
  • the Thailand-Malaysia Extradition Treaty
  • the Bangladesh-Thailand Extradition Treaty
  • the extradition treaty with Fiji
  • Thailand’s agreement with Australia based a treaty signed between Britain and Thailand in the 1900s
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