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Thai media investigates trouble in Koh Samet - foreign tourists ripped off, operators hit with charges - claims of parks' dept bribery


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4 minutes ago, prakhonchai nick said:

Not been to Koh Samet for over 20 years, but before then always took a speed boat direct to my pre-booked hotel and never paid any entry fee!🤣

me too but the boats were not cheap but they had transport that did not pay extra fees and dropped you where ever 

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24 minutes ago, Robert Tyrrell said:



My Nation regardless of Nationality including Thais offers the same price for you as an American 🇺🇸, Able to purchase land and homes.

I truly think this duel pricing and bribery is very distasteful and doesn’t attract Tourism in my opinion just like this travel fee they want to initiate this June in Thailand, Just tell people they must show proof of healthcare coverage while traveling to Thailand , Let them  be responsible for themselves not another scheme to make money Thailand !! 

What nation?

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I must be missing something here, All these songteaws and motorcycle taxis on Samet, I thought the island was tiny when I went there a long white back, where do all these taxis etc go.

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1 hour ago, dddave said:

The sad truth is, most countries charge tourist more than locals.  If you travel in the USA, even if a citizen, cross a state line and visit a state park, you will pay higher entrance and usage fees than locals will.  Go to any public beach and locals will have parking stickers allowing them to park for far less.  Go to almost any museum or public attraction in the US or Europe, locals pay less than outsiders.  Even US National Parks charge Non-citizens higher fees.

The difference is, they don't hide it.

I'm a Brit, who worked in Florida for a while back in my early 20s, and I was easily able to get a Florida ID card (based on my passport details -- yes, I understand other states/now might be different) that I could then use for "touristy places" and even many night clubs, and they would give me local pricing. Previously, when just holidaying there, it was clear that locals could buy passes to most of the attractions like Disney/Wet'n'Wild/Universal etc., for discounted entry. The irony is that back then, locals were even selling discount "tickets" to tourists to use to get into many places cheaper, that were basically just unused tabs torn from full-price tickets they'd snapped up (or possibly obtained from someone working at the attractions).

And don't give me "yeah, but in America it's all in English and and you're a native English speaker", because other than hidden entry fees, when do you EVER see Thai prices written with Thai characters rather than Arabic numerals?! Even in deepest Issan where English menus often don't exist, prices are shown as "฿40/50" etc.

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