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Major drug bust in Thailand seizes 2 tons of meth bound for Philippines and Australia


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12 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

As law enforcement officers arrived, several individuals attempted to escape by jumping into the river. However, the police managed to capture all 13 culprits, all of whom were Thai nationals

Pedaling misery.

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There are massive drug busts, usually millions of meth (Ya Ba) pills, just about every week here. Mostly being transported through Thailand, from the north to the deep south, or Bangkok environs. for transshipment to a variety of foreign countries.


Crystal meth (Ya Ice) is a bit pricey for the local market so most of that gets shipped to foreign countries.


The precursors mostly originate in Thailand, and get shipped north, to processing facilities in Burma.


One has to assume that the RTA, and RTP, are either incompetent or are complicit in the transhipments of precursors and finished goods.


A Thai Parliamentary Senator, Senator Upakit Pachariyangkun, has been implicated in various illegal activities as the point-man in Thailand. An arrest warrant was issued, but it was quickly and quietly withdrawn. Upakit has powerful allies.


The attorney-general is scheduled to issue her decision on July 26 on whether to indict the senator on the charge of drug trafficking, according to the spokesman.







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