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Paetongtarn Shrugs Off Questions About Her Father’s ‘Illnesses’


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2 hours ago, digger70 said:

Why would it be possible that Thaksin can be released on Parole as early as February. 

He has done No time in jail.

I didn't think that a Holiday in hospital counted as Jail time.

Thai society works that way! 🙏

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20 minutes ago, seajae said:

just goes to show the shins think they are above everyone and can do as they please, it really allows the world to see how pathetic the current thai govt is as well as the thai people when they do nothing  about this farce

Do you think the world really gives a damn if they shaft each other?

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39 minutes ago, fondue zoo said:

We humans are an odd bunch.

We consistently allow a group of, for example, 20 people to overrule, steal, cheat and connive another group that usually outnumbers them by millions.

In another time they'd all be for the gibbet.

Be thankful you can think for yourself!

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