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Passengers and crew rescued from sinking ferry in Gulf of Thailand


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Just now, HammerGuy said:

Poorly maintained or that's if its ever had maintenance just like most of the ageing vehicles here!

Perhaps the boat owners had never heard the idiom, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". (maintenance be damned, full speed ahead).

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What is the giant orange vessel? A lifeboat? No mention in the report other than the ferry owner ' later sending two high-speed boats'. Later than what?

This could easily have become a major disaster and should be positively followed up by the Government. No doubt social media input from survivors will cause embarassment.

The report that Khao Tao police will investigate how the ferry broke in two and sank leaves me shaking my head in exasperation.🙄

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4 minutes ago, newbee2022 said:

Wow, this time not the brakes...😂. And now it will go viral...🥴

And less visitors?🥺

Maybe.........maybe viral in Thailand, it won't make mainstream  media and will have little effect on international tourist numbers!

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