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Kazakh woman nabbed for illegal online sex services on Koh Samui


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53 minutes ago, webfact said:

and personal items, including a bottle of DUREX lubricant.


Ah haaaaaaa ........book her Danno.

54 minutes ago, webfact said:

During questioning, Toyshubekova confessed to working under an agent named Linda,


Decided to cum clean when pressed.  Ok boys, we can wrap this one up.

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5 minutes ago, bkk6060 said:

Her hair looks dirty.  Possibly stinks also.

I wouldn't give her one baht what a scam.

And the mattress looks well worn too. 


She should be paying the customer!  This is an outrage. 

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7 minutes ago, NorthernRyland said:

Wait, how much does it usually cost for sex with the skanks in Pattaya? Was she really charging that much more than market rate?

Agreed, doesn't sound possible

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2 minutes ago, rexpotter said:

Agreed, doesn't sound possible

Normally she gets paid with eggs. (A dozen per time) That way she can claim that she never received any money for services rendered. 


Then she sells the eggs for 30 baht per dozen. 


Busy girl! 



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1 hour ago, webfact said:

This agent, believed to be operating from outside Thailand, manages a network of women selling sexual services online across various websites.

Now lets all Guess what Nationality 'Linda' is. 

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41 minutes ago, ChipButty said:

You can get a nice little Isaan girl for that for a month, and she will do your washing and ironing 

All Inclusive 

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