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Just what is life like in Rural Thailand- ever wondered ?

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lucky i guess for him he doesnt have the neighbors who like to fire up the karaoke machine with echo reverb after cracking open some lao kao........was the closest i got to country living and sent me packing back to the city.....and modified moto sai exhausts racing at 2am ....welcome to LOS the noise is inescapable...i always bring plenty of earplugs/headphones with me....

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57 minutes ago, PJ71 said:

This looks like a biased view to me.


I live in rural thailand and also prefer it to the hustle and bustle but the negatives i have are:


- power cuts almost as soon as it rains

- lack of western foods ( this does not concern me much )

- no agents for visa issues

- trips to bangkok when needed can be a trek

- lack of local airport

- lack of socializing with other expats ( this does not concern me but may some )

- limited options for house furniture

- poor quality of workmanship of trades ( could be said for all Thailand )

- dangerous farm vehicles on the roads

dont forget the packs of sick buffalo awaiting relief funds from farang sponsors...  🙂

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I love cycling past stuff like this. I visit Isan a few times per year, but stay in nice hotels and eat at a wide variety of places. I do eat at rural roadside mom & pop restaurants, but I want the option of eating at a nice place.

After a week or so of living in a hut and dealing with the inevitable noisy neighbors, I'm sure I'd be ready to a reverse 'Green Acres'. 

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17 hours ago, BritManToo said:

Yeah, I managed 3 nights at the family home of 2 different women, and that was hard.

Won't even go for 1 night now, she can visit her relly's alone.


Was it like in the movies where you had to keep making various excuses to leave, and then race back and forth between both on the same night?

That would be hard to pull off.


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53 minutes ago, nobodysfriend said:

Check youtube ' Thai tale ' or ' thai head  ' ...


I guess that shows a little ...




just a pair of typical Thai farm girls I'd say..



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Self sufficient in the village often means grandma takes care of kids while parents are working elsewhere. 

Self sufficient means that land is taken by the bank if a car payment is missed. 

Besides the kids the village also has 3 or 4 invalid persons to take care off, due to accidents on construction sites / bike accidents etc. 

Then there are few alcoholics that get by by doing odd jobs to buy more to drink.

It's nice and low cost only for a foreigner with regular income from a richer country

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20 hours ago, CharlieH said:


Ryan and Damo, who are discussing their life and experiences living in rural Thailand. Here’s a summary of the key points and insights they shared:


1. **Lifestyle and Environment**: Life in rural Thailand is depicted as peaceful and fulfilling. Ryan and Damo emphasize the freedom, health benefits, and connection to nature they experience living in a remote part of Buriram province. They engage in farming, raising animals, and growing their own food, which includes rice, vegetables, and eggs from various poultry.


2. **Community and Social Life**: The local community is described as hard-working and close-knit where people enjoy a slower pace of life, frequently engaging in social and cultural activities such as festivals and temple visits. The community is also very supportive, helping each other with construction projects and sharing a strong bond over common activities. Ryan, being one of the few foreigners in the village, notes the welcoming and friendly nature of the villagers.


3. **Economic and Building Projects**: The couple has been economically adaptive; they have ventured into different businesses from English schools to a jazz lounge before settling in rural Thailand. They mention constructing bamboo huts, an outdoor kitchen, and a cottage on their land, emphasizing a self-sufficient and eco-friendly lifestyle.


4. **Cultural Integration**: Ryan and Damo's story also touches on cultural integration, where they describe their adjustment to the local lifestyle and how they contribute and fit into the community. Their experiences reflect a deeper appreciation and respect for the local culture and practices.


5. **Personal History and Online Presence**: The couple met online when Ryan was teaching in Kanchanaburi and Damo was working in banking in Bangkok. They now run a YouTube channel "Life in Bamboo," where they share their rural lifestyle, intending to provide insights to others who might be interested in a similar lifestyle switch.


6. **Future Outlook and Philosophy**: They focus on living in the present and enjoying their simple, peaceful life without the desire for extensive future planning or expansion. They express a philosophical approach to life that values simplicity, mindfulness, and community connections over materialistic goals. Overall, the interview provides a personal look into the fulfilling yet challenging life of a couple living in rural Thailand, integrating into a different culture, and finding contentment in a lifestyle aligned with nature and community.


Rural Life in Thailand - 10 things you need to know - JAMES KING BLOG


If you live in rural Thailand, tell us your thoughts, how does your life differ from this ?

Would be interesting to know if he speaks Thai.

Their life is quite normal because both of them are working. 🙏. So, not comparable with retiree's life.

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1 hour ago, simon43 said:

I remember having to climb onto the roof of my ex's Isaan house in order to get a mobile phone signal to check my email....


Next time I brought emergency rations in the boot of my car because her mom used to feed me fish heads for lunch (she did actually like me!).

Did you get the fisheyes? That's the first thing my gf eats before anybody else gets them before her. Really. 

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