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de dollarization gaining speed

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20 hours ago, watgate said:

As more countries, and just recently, Thailand, are moving away from the US dollar in its capacity as the world's reserve currency, and are joining BRICS to conduct their business outside the US dollar, what effect will this have on the US dollar?

   Do you think American's residing in Thailand will have any problem with the US dollar now that Thailand has stopped using the US dollar?

    Also, now that more then 1/2 the world's population, including Russia, China, India have de dollarized from the US currency, what effect will that have on the US dollar in terms of purchasing power, the devaluation of the dollar due to out of control printing of fiat currency to finance their debt due to more and more countries not wanting to own US dollars that are becoming worth less and less?

    No one has a crystal ball but am interested in folks outlook for the US dollar going forward, and how concerned are you, if any, about the present course of events globally as they unfold, especially in relation to your investments and pensions and social security, as well as ones holdings in other assorted investment vehicles denominated in US dollars.

Not so much, the World which includes states, corporations, people, require dollars to service their eurodollar debts, the Eurodollar debt / liabilities market is a paper market worth anywhere between 350 Trillion $ to 420 Trillion $, which is currently rolled over at roughly 75 Trillion $ annually, the debt / liabilities are across the world, predominately not with the the West but with each other.


So every year there is the demand for the $ to service the interest or refinancing of the debt.



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9 hours ago, swissie said:

The de-dollarisation will be a slow process. The new "basket" of currencies will contain countries that are equally indepted as the US. Not making for a more "solid" currency than the US Dollar.

A lame horse replaced by another lame horse?

Unless the new "basket currency" is explictictly backed by the new central bank and their taxpayers. Same as the Euro.  Unless that happens, I am confident that I will still pay for my tea in eastern timbuktu with Dollar bills for the next 10 years.

I think also with chf.

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2 hours ago, mania said:

Or Muammar Gaddafi 

Both he & Saddam said they would leave the petrol dollars & sell in Euros we know the rest


plus millions of refugees with incompatible religion overflowing europe


so the 10-35 million illegals flowing into the USA = KARMA


at least most are christians

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4 hours ago, Presnock said:

And, for the Nov election candidates, Trump greatly increased that debt and Biden is well on his way to further increase the debt.  When will the US ever have a Congress that fights for the country and citizens instead of big business and the candidates chosen by the party.  I guess until the members of Congress stop fighting to get re-elected versus changing laws, writing yearly budget bills that fight debt increases, especially with useless pork barrel additions to make individuals popular in their state but unnnecessary for the nation's well being.  My opinion anyway.

Absolutely. I agree with your opinion 100%.

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10 minutes ago, John Drake said:


Name them.

if you are going to quote me, quote me in full,
as i said, i have not confirmed. literally the first two words i typed
i am not here to hold your hand
if you had asked nicer maybe i would spend my time to find for you

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