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Stonehenge Seriously Vandalized by Just Stop Oil Activists, Prompting Arrests and Outrage

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Just Stop Oil (JSO) activists targeted the ancient monument of Stonehenge, spraying it with orange powder paint. This act led to the swift arrest of two individuals by Wiltshire police. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was quick to condemn the action, labeling it a “disgraceful act of vandalism” against one of the world's oldest and most revered monuments.


The incident unfolded around noon when the activists carried out their protest, shocking visitors and locals alike. Sunak expressed his dismay over the vandalism, stating, “This is a disgraceful act of vandalism to one of the UK’s and the world’s oldest and most important monuments.” His comments highlighted the severity with which the government views such acts against national heritage sites.


Dale Vince, a notable Labour donor and former supporter of JSO, responded to Sunak’s call for condemnation. Vince, addressing the Prime Minister’s remarks directly, said, “Since Rishi Sunak has asked me personally to comment, I will. I don’t support what JSO did today, it’s that simple. But there are far worse actions we could focus on, far more harmful ones – like pushing two million children and their families into poverty.” Vince’s statement aimed to shift the focus towards broader social issues, even as he distanced himself from the specific actions of the activists.


Labour leader Keir Starmer was equally unequivocal in his disapproval, describing the group’s actions as “pathetic.” Starmer emphasized the need for legal consequences, asserting, “Those responsible must face the full force of the law.” This stance reflects the broader political consensus on the importance of protecting national monuments from such acts of defacement.


The protest did not go unchallenged by the public. Visitors at Stonehenge attempted to intervene, with one individual managing to wrestle a spray can away from a protester. This act of civic responsibility underscores the shared value placed on preserving cultural heritage.


Wiltshire police responded promptly to the scene, arresting two suspects on charges of damaging the ancient monument. In a statement, the police confirmed, “We have arrested two people following an incident at Stonehenge this afternoon. At around noon, we responded to a report that orange paint had been sprayed on some of the stones by two suspects. Officers attended the scene and arrested two people on suspicion of damaging the ancient monument. Our inquiries are ongoing.”


The timing of the protest coincided with preparations for the summer solstice, a period when thousands of druids and revelers travel to Stonehenge to celebrate. This added to the dismay of the community and visitors. Sean Moran, a guide at the site, voiced his frustration, saying, “It was devastating. I was very angry. We were having a great time and enjoying it when it happened. There’s living lichen on those stones. Biologists from around the world [come] to study it … Did they think of that?” Moran’s comments highlight the scientific and ecological importance of the site, which extends beyond its cultural and historical significance.


King Arthur Pendragon, a senior druid and pagan priest, also condemned the protest. Pendragon, who is running as an independent parliamentary candidate for the area, stated, “Stonehenge is a living, working temple at times of celebration and pilgrimage such as the summer solstice and, as a well-known protester myself, I totally disapprove of such behavior as demonstrated by these people, who do nothing to enhance and everything to alienate any sympathy anyone has or had for their cause.” Pendragon’s remarks reflect the broader sentiment within the druid and pagan communities, who view such actions as disrespectful and counterproductive.


Paul Anderson, visiting from Newcastle upon Tyne, recounted his experience, saying, “We were around the other side and we saw a lot of orange mist. I can’t see how that’s good publicity, doing something like that to an ancient monument. Coming from Newcastle, after the Sycamore Gap tree was felled, it beggars belief.” Anderson’s wife, Elaine, added, “It’s ruined the day, but not the holiday. I’m not going to let them. How dare you? It’s the last thing you’d expect.” Their reactions illustrate the broader impact on tourists who travel from afar to visit the historic site.


Mike and Julie, tourists from the west coast of the United States, also expressed their disappointment. Mike lamented, “They are ruining it for people who have come from across the world to have their moment and see it.” Julie noted the closure of the path around the stones following the incident, adding to the disruption experienced by visitors.


In a statement following the protest, Just Stop Oil defended their actions, describing it as “megalithic action.” They called for urgent governmental action to halt the extraction and burning of fossil fuels by 2030. The group argued, “Continuing to burn coal, oil and gas will result in the death of millions. We have to come together to defend humanity, or we risk everything. That’s why Just Stop Oil is demanding that our next government sign up to a legally binding treaty to phase out fossil fuels by 2030.” This declaration underscores the activists’ sense of urgency and the drastic measures they believe are necessary to combat climate change.


The incident at Stonehenge has sparked a wide range of reactions, from condemnation to reflection on broader issues. While the actions of JSO have been widely criticized, they have also succeeded in drawing attention to the climate crisis, albeit in a highly contentious manner. The debate continues over the most effective and ethical ways to advocate for environmental sustainability while respecting cultural and historical landmarks.



Credit: The Guardian 2024-06-21



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Glad to see at least a couple of people trying to stop the enviro-fascists. Always loved seeing videos of bonkers activists who are blocking roadways being 'escorted' to the sidewalk by angry motorists.

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In a related case, here's the UK Greenies doing what Greenies do.  Thank goodness they got the wrong planes.  Can't imagine the blowback had they actually gotten Taylor's.


Climate Protesters Spray Paint Private Jets as Part of Failed Attempt to Target Woke Singer Taylor Swift



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Yeah, like that's gonna bring people over to their delusional way of thinking! If I had it my way, I'd put an iron ball on a chain around their ankles and have them clean it up with a toothbrush, the ball will be removed once Stonehenge looks like new. 

Edited by pacovl46
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4 minutes ago, Purdey said:

Got you to watch and comment pretty effectively, didn't it?


The site wasn't permanently damaged. The corn starch was washed off in a few hours.




I still think they should give them a couple of toothbrushes and not let them go until it's cleaned up. 


Maybe they have members who can do a rain dance for them.


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I'm hearing that the mixture was cornflour with a colourant that will be easily cleaned so no lasting damage but it's got the lard ar*ed petrol heads in a spin.

As for the gas guzzling private jets sprayed orange at Stanstead Airport... Oh dear, what a shame, never mind.

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8 hours ago, JonnyF said:

This is what happens when the Doomsday cult manages to recruit and brainwash naive people.


I saw one young girl at another protest being interviewed in tears about how she's never grow up to be an old lady because the world would end before then.


Very odd people. There's a few of them on here 😃.

As you so adequately demonstrate daily ru*bber Jonny.

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2 hours ago, pacovl46 said:

Yeah, like that's gonna bring people over to their delusional way of thinking! If I had it my way, I'd put an iron ball on a chain around their ankles and have them clean it up with a toothbrush, the ball will be removed once Stonehenge looks like new. 

Erm, you're a bit late mate. It's all clean now but the point has been made.

Go find another windmill at which to tilt.

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