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Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong


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1 hour ago, Eff1n2ret said:

Has anyone eaten at the Kantary in Banchang? 

Just had a flyer in the letterbox (well, it's nice to get anything in the letterbox these days) - Special Valentine's Day set menu dinner at their rooftop restaurant.

Several courses, not including booze except for "Sparkling Wine". I guess a commanding view of the Banchang Hospital, and romantic background noise from the traffic on Sukhumvit.

At 1200Baht per head plus (in the small print) 10% service charge plus VAT I'm not especially tempted.


Been there once. It had only recently opened, and they did do us a favour with the "quarantine" thing that only got rescinded here last year. (Last May. -They were an approved 'quarantine' hotel).

Food was okay, but the service was poor, tbh. Hopefully, they may have sorted that out by now.


If it's a "rooftop" setting, I'd rather to to the "Kameo" hotel in Rayong. The "California Steak" restaurant there is pretty good. Food, service, and price-wise.

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Serene Phala beach restaurant, live music in the evenings too, good food and not too expensive.

Also the relatively new Ban Chang Riverside, great food and quick service and definitely one of the best right now, but it does get extremely busy at holidays and weekends, their 1000 Baht sets are huge!, out the back of Ban Chang but only 5 to 10 minutes. 


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On 4/20/2024 at 2:42 PM, Phaka2 said:



Bua is an excellent restaurant. Phala Rib House has new ownership that doesn't hold a candle to the old place.

The "new" owners are actually the original property owners and they are back in business says my wife

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