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Prayut also unhappy about martial law


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Prayut also unhappy about martial law

The Nation

But NCPO chief says strict security law is unfortunately still necessary

BANGKOK: -- Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said yesterday that having the country under martial law almost six months after the coup did not make him happy, but said the measure was necessary.

He said the longer the law is enforced, the less happy it makes him. But it was sadly necessary, he insisted.

"We should have sympathy for Myanmar. It has 135 ethnic groups across the country - that's their challenge. Just like them, we need to impose martial law.

"Am I happy? No, I'm not. The longer it is in place, the more unhappy I become. Yet, it's necessary," the premier said while presiding over the start of the National Defence College's Class 57.

His speech was on the "Role of State and Private Sectors in Maintaining National Security".

He also called on the press to not query this situation too often. "The more you ask me, the more likely it is that you won't get an answer," he said.

The government has come under mounting pressure from different groups, including businesses and academics, to lift martial law.

The PM said he was not angry at five university students who held up their fists in an anti-coup gesture on Wednesday while he delivered a speech at Khon Kaen's Provincial Hall.

"I was not angry. I am here to make changes and lay the foundation for future generations, or our children and grandchildren will not be able to survive," he said.

The five students and their parents met with military officers at a Khon Kaen Army camp yesterday, and were released later without being charged.

Gothom Arya, director of Mahidol University's Peace Studies and Development Centre, said yesterday that Prayut should focus on larger issues instead of small groups of protesters who make symbolic gestures.

The peace advocate said he did not think small-time protesters pose any threat to the government, as their goal is not to remove the junta from power.

Police yesterday detained three university students at Scala and Siam Paragon cinemas for protesting against the coup with the "Hunger Games"-inspired three-finger salute. Two of the students are from Thammasat University and the other from Bangkok University.

Earlier yesterday, some 20 police surrounded by dozens of journalists, gathered near the Scala, where screening of the latest sequel of the "Hunger Games" series was cancelled, Agence France-Presse reported. But there was no sign of protest, an AFP reporter said.

Meanwhile, Navy chief Admiral Kraisorn Chansuvanit said yesterday it was normal for some groups to disagree with the government. He called on these people to cooperate with the administration by forgetting about feuds in the past and to let the country move forward.

Interior Minister General Anupong Paochinda also said that there was nothing unusual about anti-coup protests. "It's normal for people to see things differently. I don't think we should mind," he said.

Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan said he was not concerned about anti-coup protests, as he did not think they would expand.

Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/politics/Prayut-also-unhappy-about-martial-law-30248270.html

-- The Nation 2014-11-21

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If the martial law is needed as their are groups wanting to stir up unrest, (this was the previous reason for keeping it- not sure if there is a new reason), i just fail to see how the continued imposition of ML in away is going to change that?

If they are there now, they will be there in 6 month, 6 years whatever.

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" I am here to make changes and lay the foundation for future generations, or our children and grandchildren will not be able to survive,"

They won't be able to survive in an International diverse evolving society, if things in Thailand stay the same with centuries of brainwashing, xenophobia and Draconian measurements, free passes for the influential and powerful and suppression of different opinions.

The Nation will be irrepairable brain dead damage for the next centuries....

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Just think of his old man's jackpot recently with the land deal; that ought to bring a smile.

Actually he is probably depressed about losing a fair chunk of it.

At the time the land deal went through the family, including his father, kids and brother who also declared some rather dubious assets, would have had assets of the money from the land plus anything else they had at the time such as property, cars, watches etc, however, in the asset declaration a few weeks ago they had dwindled down to 466m baht....


"As per the declaration, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has net assets worth Bt128 million, including 12 watches and nine guns, while his family's combined assets, including those of his father, brother and children, is Bt466 million. "

Somewhere over the last year and a bit they seem to have managed to spend several hundred million baht by the looks of it with no declarable asset in return.

Maybe there is perfectly innocent explanation for this - a large unsecured debt paid off, a sizeable donation to a 'charity' in the second half of last year, a big party or a new set of bionic eyebrows perhaps - but it does deserve some scrutiny and could be a reason for the good generals angst.

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I am unhappy that the General is unhappy. Further, I have Thai friends who are unhappy, and farang friends who are unhappy. I also have friends who are unhappy at all the unhappiness. They are unhappy that my friends are unhappy that I am unhappy that Prayuth is unhappy.

Where is the “Return Happiness to The People" part? I even looked in my somtam goom, and under my bed.

LOS: Land Of Smiles last year; Land Of Sad this year; Next year, Land Of Slumps.

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Who, in their day to day lives, is currently being affected by this so called martial law?

Most people I know are completely oblivious to it...it doesn't affect their lives one iota.......and I mean everyday thais...not drunk out of their heads farang.

Of course the Whining Class led by the Thaksinista will complain...but they will complain about anything and everything until the Resurrection of the Dear Leader.

JT...time for a Poll.

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