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Chonburi: Two shot dead after neighbor goes berserk because of barking dog

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Chonburi: Two shot dead after neighbor goes berserk because of barking dog



Picture: Sanook


A neighbor told police he was driven mad by a barking dog and when his neighbor was rude to him he opened fire killing two other people.


The incident happened in Moo 3, Samed sub-district of Muang Chonburi on Tuesday at 10 pm. 


Police found Yothin, 39, dead from two gunshot wounds to the head. His wife Bunyanee, 38, died on the way to Burapha university hospital after being shot in the right eye.


There was evidence of many shots having been fired at the scene. A Mazda car was hit twice. 


Wassana, the elder sister of Bunyanee said that their dog "Ai Daeng" had been barking for a long time when her husband came home.


Jirat, 49, a neighbor had a verbal altercation with her husband about the dog that had been yapping for an hour.


Jirat went inside his house and got a gun. At that moment Yothin and Bunyanee were going out and Jirat started firing at them. They had had a long running feud with him. 


Jirat then tried to get into her house where there were many children inside. She said he wanted to shoot her husband too.


She locked the door against his advance. 


After the incident Jirat drove his motorcycle to the Samed police and surrendered along with the gun. He admitted firing 10 times. 


He said that his neighbor (apparently the one who survived) had said: "If you wanna argue with the dog that's your.....business".


He has been charged with premeditated murder and weapons offences and detained.  


Source: Sanook



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-11-12
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He would have been better off shooting the dog... regards worgeordie

When I lived in Chon Buri a neighbour's large dog would bark incessantly throughout the day and night. I asked the neighbour to get his dog trained, never took it for a walk etc; refused. Asked Thai n

Has the dog stopped barking?

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Sad, and crazy and oh so Thailand!

I hate barking dogs and any noise, but I love dogs. I hate guns.

Once again, an example of Thais who have no thought for the consequences of their actions, and this idiot didn't even kill the person who he had wanted to.

Even more unbelievable is that he drove to the cop shop to hand himself in. Yes, I know this helps in his sentencing, but he's looking at a 20-year stretch anyway. I can't see this helping.

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A little valium in a piece steak would have quitened it down

5 hours ago, Dagfinnur Traustason said:

And the dog is still barking, but he fixed his problem and will not be hearing that no more.

He may well become Buba's b###h for a few years, beg like a doggy. 

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8 minutes ago, RJRS1301 said:

so designer yappers are ok in condos and estates?


While ever they are in condos they are not chasing mocy's or biting innocent pedestrians. Owner's should take responsibility for unruley dogs! But, hey, this is...............................! 

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Too many people buy a dog as if it were some yard ornament.

I had problem with barking dog next door left all day under carport. Years ago, happened to enjoy series "Dog whisperer"... tried out techniques over a few days. Problem solved.

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4 hours ago, sammieuk1 said:

The country has gone to the dogs wheres Prayut with another speech  🤔Rip

Nothing new... such gun violence and murders always happened. Even worse some 5 or so years ago, overall crime and violence has decreased in most provinces of Thailand.

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