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The end is in sight: Thailand outlines plan for re-opening, target of no quarantine from 1 Oct

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Given the ever changing policy on the matter, the above quote is probably the most accurate statement in the whole piece.

here's how i read it   phase 1 - derp phase 2 - derp derp phase 3 - derp derp derp

Crazy, they're talking as if 50% of the population here has already been vaccinated instead of a few thousand. The vaccines currently in use only have a limited effect in reducing the likelihood

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My mum bought her plane ticket for end of april, she is not vaccinated.

But what means the new 10 days quarantine ? 9, 10 or 11 night in the hotel ?

(untill now their 14 days quarantine = 15 nights in the hotel)

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From April 1 to June 30, quarantined arrivals would be allowed to leave their rooms to go to a gymnasium, outdoor exercise area, swimming pool and controlled areas for cycling and outside shopping.

From July 1 to Sept 30, they would be able to eat in restaurants at their hotels and have health massages.

From Oct 1 onwards, quarantine would be required only for people arriving from specified areas.

On the issue of quarantine duration, Dr Taweesilp said, from April 1 to Sept 30, arrivals without a vaccination certificate (VC) and Covid-19 free certificate (CFC) would be quarantined for 10 days, and be tested for the disease twice.

Arrivals with VCs and CFCs would be quarantined for seven days and tested once. Those with VCs but without CFCs would be tested twice.

Confusing, no? If I am vaccinated it is only 7 days?  That's not wat other reporting says.

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Bangkok Post Say's 7 days for vaccinated, I'm going to email 2 hotels and see what they say.

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3 minutes ago, Justgrazing said:

More chance of finding a one ended stick than that being any more acceptable than any of the other kookie schemes they trot out ..

leaving me to conclude they are still not getting it ..

Or a better change of finding the crocodile swimming in the ocean in Rawai.

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In another media CCSA spokesman Taweesilp V said that from April 1 visitors would not be required to show a fit-to-fly document. 

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