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Phuket’s plan to re-open to foreign tourists on 1 July could be delayed


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5 hours ago, webfact said:

If herd immunity can not be achieved by June, only certain areas of Phuket may be opened to foreign tourists, rather than the whole island, as originally planned.

In order to achieve Herd Immunity, Vaccines have to be injected into arms.

And that is just not happening.

The population of " residents ", in Phuket is 600,000, so at least 400,000 + need to be vaccinated 2 times for Immunity

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1 hour ago, cardinalblue said:

Why is the vaccination rollout delayed by the spiking virus?


they have nothing to do with each other...


just more excuses on not knowing how to management this virus....


most important to get shot in arms ASAP....that’s your best defense vs virus - not delay shots...



I heard, but have no proof, that people were catching Covid at the main vaccination site. Or so the rumor goes in Phuket.


sorry I can’t substantiate it, but there is some logic to it as an explanation. 

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4 hours ago, Sheryl said:

"The latest wave of infections has resulted in the distribution of vaccines being delayed to people on the island. " - can't see why that would be so. there haven't even been all that many cases in Phuket.


i suspect the actual problem is lack of vaccine or vaccine being diverted elsewhere and they prefer not to say so.

Back when the Thong Lor outbreak hit the news, Phuket had One main vaccination site and Four others .

After a couple of Days the Four satellite Vaccination sites were closed, presumably to divert Vaccines to center of the outbreak in Thong Lor

Seems a viable reason to me.

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