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Thailand’s vaccine director apologises for ‘slow, inadequate’ vaccine rollout, promises to join COVAX

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I have this weird hope that COVAX tells them to register at their website and they keep finding it closed for the day.

It's a pity Prayuth didn't apologise to his citizens yesterday, instead of trying to pass the Covid blame onto some of them !  It just show what kind of person he really is.

apart from the chinese vaccines you did buy - 1st generation vaccines are effective against delta you just didn't buy them AZ being the exception but 3m a month you may as well not have bothered - now

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Thailand moves to join COVAX to address vaccine shortfall

By Erich Parpart




Thailand will now join the COVAX programme, the National Vaccine Institute (NVI) said on Wednesday, after holding out from joining the international cooperation framework for months.


“Even though we have tried our hardest, the vaccines that we have procured so far are still not enough for the current outbreak situation,” said Dr Nakorn Premsri, the director of the NVI, adding that there had been “many agencies and many regulations involved with the procurement.”


To supplement current supplies, “we are looking to bring in second-generation vaccines that are effective against the mutation and we are expecting them to arrive by the first quarter of next year,” he said.


Full story: https://www.thaienquirer.com/30268/thailand-moves-to-join-covax-to-address-vaccine-shortfall/


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25 minutes ago, Lemonltr said:

So it couldn't have been forseen nor predicted!! What nonsense and usual non acceptance of blame. 

Many countries foresaw the need for vaccines and placed large orders. The media was awash with forecasts of variants. 

This half hearted excuse is insulting. 



"When the pandemic began, rich countries went on a buying spree. Some have even called it "panic buying." These countries started making agreements with pharmaceutical companies to purchase experimental COVID-19 vaccines, even before clinical trials had finished. The details of many such agreements are not public, NPR has reported."

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