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American suspect who allegedly raped masseuse in Khon Kaen has extended detention sought, investigators oppose bail at this time


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1 hour ago, HappyGoLuckyLife said:

I wonder if the remand is to also give the young lady currently on a respirator a change to recover enough to give her statement. I would be interested in her account of what happened.

If she was struck in the head she might not have much recollection of the incident.  In that case they will probably tell her what to say.

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"Mr. G. is claiming, so far, that he was under the influence of illegal drugs, primarily speed, which caused him to commit his actions."


No, it was his choice to take speed/meth, he wasn't forced, his choices caused this disgusting crime spree.  

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5 hours ago, Thailand said:

It appears he has admitted to the offences commited whilst under the influence of drugs. Not a lot to investigate if that is the case.

Also no grounds for bail, I would suppose. He confessed, so getting a conviction in court has to be a slam dunk. So why grant him bail at all?

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