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Thai PM concerned over shooting of police officer during last night’s protest


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Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has expressed concern for a police officer who sustained serious injury when he was shot during a protest by the “Talugas” group at Din Daeng intersection last night and has ordered that the injured officer be given close medical care, said Government Spokesman Thanakorn Wangboonchana today.


A bullet of, as yet, unknown calibre pierced the officer’s helmet and became embedded in the skull of Pol Lance Corporal Techwit Lettensen, as he was on duty in the vicinity of the Din Daeng apartments in Din Daeng Soi 1 at about 1amthis morning.


He was rushed to the Police general hospital and immediately operated on, to remove the bullet from his brain, but, after several hours of surgery, he remains in a coma and on a ventilator, according to Thanakorn.


Full Story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/thai-pm-concerned-over-shooting-of-police-officer-during-last-nights-protest/


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1 hour ago, hotchilli said:

The government started the heavy-handed approach and thus escalated the trouble.

If the police bring water canons, batons and guns to a protest then expect a reaction.

Indeed and I agree the above . Will there be an escalation ? will there be a retaliation by the police ? Seems like the gloves are coming off , so a resolution is needed quickly . 

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Good grief. He orders that the copper is looked after?


showboating at the highest level. 


let us know the calibre of the bullet recovered from the copper's skull/brain. You never know where it may have come from. Blue on blue, or friendly fire is not unheard of.

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7 hours ago, internationalism said:

there is a contradiction in reporting - a skull is not a brain:

"pierced the officer’s helmet and became embedded in the skull ..., to remove the bullet from his brain"


At 1 am there were not any protest.

Police went inside apartment block and searching all doors.

They were doing it for hours, probably from 9pm onward.

Probably upset a lot of residents who couldn't sleep half of the night.

Those who fired were not protesters, but residents. 

Yes, they all hate police operations as much, hate police those protesters. 

The next day cops went in and arrested 18 residents for interrogation.

Probably they have also searched for the gun



Thanks for the info. A lot of information seems to be quoted as fact when it is just someone's opinion

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27 minutes ago, internationalism said:

that's why I have written 3x "probably"

Please don't think I was criticising you I am grateful for the other information that puts this into perspective and I appreciate that you put probably when you are expressing an opinion????

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Well if a bullet lodges in a skull most likely part of it is piercing or pushing on the brain matter if there is any.

So the police were searching each apartment in the building where this man was shot?  How do they get a warrant for that or do they not need one.   Thailand is maybe closer to China thinking than we know. 

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