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Anybody know what's going on with certain cigarettes.


Tried three 7/11s today to buy Camel Yellow...all out.


A friend says they're out everywhere.


Also some other of the cheaper brands seemed to be gone also.


Read somewhere that they were going to raise taxes but I hadn't heard it passed.


The only reason I can think of for them being out of stock everywhere.

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On 10/7/2021 at 6:15 PM, mikebike said:

Really. Thats the only reason. No chance of issues in the supply chain?

It has happened every year at the time there is a price increase coming.  Usually lasts 2-4 days and they are back in stock again.  When the rumor of a price change starts, beging buying by the carton (10 pack) and you should be OK.  Not sure why it is done this way unless the new packs get a new bar code and can not be mixed with older stock.

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A post with a link to the Bangkok Post has been removed:


26) The Bangkok Post and Phuketwan do not allow quotes from their news articles or other material to appear on ASEANNOW.com. Neither do they allow links to their publications. Posts from members containing quotes from or links to Bangkok Post or Phuketwan publications will be deleted from the forum.

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10 hours ago, Thaifish said:

I've built up about a 2 weeks supply seeing what was happening... and soon or sooner than then if no improvement on the supply... A Poipet border crossing for a visit will be on the cards.

So it's all YOUR fault lol

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4 hours ago, Paul Kernell said:

I heard it was flooding! Or NAM <deleted>. " How do Thai say it?

Nam Tuam.


I make my own smokes again now and save heaps.  No not rollies but the tubes with filter bought online plus the local Isaan tobacco and a small machine.  Costs me about 26 baht for 40 cigs compared to 120 I used to pay for 2 packs

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