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Lumpini Police At It Again???


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Lumpini is more likely to support such activities as it usually happens in lower sukhumvit in the first place. The border is basically the asoke intersection so in this case it is thonglor police as well. 

He behaves weird and newbie like while in a covid area and hangs around a lot to record stuff so not too surprised they checked him out. However, this actually seemed to be a genuine search at 4PM rather than the attempt to shake down some money at night as is historically known.


They simply might have thought he is high as he talks to himself in a camera in sun burning hours.

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23 hours ago, dddave said:

There is a lot more history to this.  The Lumpini District Police have been noted over the years for stopping farangs in the area between Asok and Thong Lo for no apparent reason, conducting thorough searches, then shaking the target down for tea money should anything questionable be found, like a single viagra, even a condom.  

They used to concentrate on the Ekkamai bus station, picking older farangs as they exited the Pattaya bus, looking for Viagra or any of it's clones. This was not law enforcement..it was pure shakedown.  Several times, it hit the news and the national police chief would relocate a few Lumpini offenders and things would go quiet for a few years.

Like a bad rash, it looks like it has again arisen.


Such nonsense.  It's the Thong Lo police who have that reputation, the same police area in which the person in the video was stopped.   Lumpini police area stops at Asok, anything past that, eastwards, is the Thong Lo police area.

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On 10/26/2021 at 10:02 AM, josephbloggs said:

Man gets stopped by police who search him, find nothing and then say thank you and he's free to go.  Man says they were polite and professional and he has no issue with it.  Man says it has never happened before or since.  Man lives in the area.

Man posts video.  


Think he mixed up Lumpini for Thonglor

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I wish those who try to make a living making poor videos about Thailand would actually learn something about their subject first.


Thong Lor is a road, the district is Wattana. A specific area in Wattana falls under the jurisdiction of the Thong Lor Police as does an area of Khlong Toei District (but NOT including the Wattana sub-district of Khlong Toei Neua [which is not in Khlong Toei district to complicate matters]), so called because their HQ is on the street Thong Lor.


Asok is also a street (not a district) that sits on the border between two sub-districts of Wattana.  

The place he was stopped  in is another seperate district called Khlong Toei, the border between Khlong Toei and Wattana is Sukhumvit Road itself. Thong Lor Police district covers this area as well.

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