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The Blue Diamond Affair explained


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Yes, a shocking story.


It's a wonder:


1. that the Thai worker had access to the Princes' diamonds, and

2  that the theft wasn't discovered sooner, so that the Thai could be arrested and searched on arrival here.


But, the fall-out: two murders that remain unsolved (and other deaths) - just shocking.


Seems the only winner was the thief, who got early release (and who to this day is the only person who knows what's buried in his tomato patch).

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1 hour ago, webfact said:

The visit of Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-ocha to Saudi Arabia


what was sent back was fake jewelry. Most importantly, the blue diamond was not part of cache.


To make matters worse, when the Saudis sent two diplomats to Thailand to help with the investigation, they were killed by unknown actors.


Another Saudi businessman that had knowledge of the investigation went missing in February 1990.


All three cases were never solved


Yes, an amazing story.

Don't mess with the Thai's 


I hope the PM takes protection, lots of body guards 


I worked in Saudi for a few years.

On arrival At Saudi immigration with my Australian passport and my long term Thai visa was an uncomfortable process.

I'm sure they looked at me the same way as if I had an Israeli passport, they really didn't want me there. 


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One rumour I head at the time was that the Saudis knew exactly who was responsible, but wanted Thailand to admit it.  Responsibility went so far up in the Thai hierarchy that they could not.  Has Prayuth finally come clean?  

Thailand needs Saudi more than ever, so he might?

hs the culprit finally been quietly punished?

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5 hours ago, EVENKEEL said:

One hell of a story, thank you.

One hell of a story indeed... fancy sending back fakes in place of the real jewels.

Then knocking off investigators.

Prayut has some balls trying to regain some dialogue, lets hope he can hang on to them.

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I remember back in the very late 70's working at BAC aircraft corporation or then as it was named British Aerospace.

A Saudi sheikhs private BAC1-11 was in for servicing, the aircraft was custom fitted and had all the splendor inside you could imagine... 

One morning it was discovered that a number gold inlaid plates, cups, glasses and solid gold cutlery gold coat hangars, ash trays etc etc had gone missing.

The prince simply said return the contents or I'll have the culprits hand... a couple of days later the entire contents were found via an anonymous tip-off as to their location.

No more was said and the prince thankfully continued to use our service.



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8 hours ago, Gandtee said:

A good story .but many of the gory details are left out. One being the wife and young offspring were kidnapped. Murdered, allegedly by the police and  planted in their car that was left at the side of the road to make it look like an accident. I'm surprised a film has never been made of this case. It would not be made in Thailand that's for sure. It would be a blockbuster.

I'm sure our esteemed leader will receive a cordial welcome but as in the Thai trait, the Saudis never forget and just bide their time.

If I remember right they was a Thai soap opera just after it all happened ,based on ,well,on some  of the real events.

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20 hours ago, Gold Star said:

Yes, it would be a blockbuster, along the likes of 'The Serpent'.

A true story, and a fantastic series, masterfully set in 70's Thailand.

Anyone seen it?




I've seen "The Serpent", definitely worth watching. But this story with the Saudi jewelry will not be filmed anytime soon; most of the actors and beneficiaries are still alive...... 

Fact is, that Dr Surin Pitsuwan, a very capable politician, Thai Foreign Minister and ASEAN Secretary General in his resume, tried in vain, despite being a very moderate Muslim and Arabic speaking. Prayut will not achieve anything in this regard as the Saudis, quite rightly so, insist on the return of the heist. 

The Embassy got downgraded by calling the Saudi ambassador back to Riyadh "for consultation" 30+ years ago, ever since was run by a Chargé d'affairs and the Thai workers got replaced by other Asians who meanwhile must have sent a double digit of dollar trillions back to their home country - to the dismay of Thailand. 

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On 1/25/2022 at 1:53 PM, huangnon said:

Lots of rumours about this case. One of the most sensational was who was seen wearing the blue diamond and the other stolen pieces at society functions around Bangkok.

But, but, but - lies and more lies, plus the truth is well covered by the major  draconian law of Thailand , wink wink - say no more. 

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On 1/25/2022 at 3:32 PM, Jenkins9039 said:

How the heck do you walk out of a country with that much jewellery 

He didn't actually "walk out" with it. He put it into a shipment of personal effects that he was sending home, according to what he told the BBC in an interview in 2019.


The Blue Diamond Affair

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On 1/26/2022 at 11:54 PM, Pique Dard said:

"The truth is we will probably never know."

...because high-ranking officers are involved

High rank is sufficient 😉

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