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Friday 13th: Instructor shot dead at rifle range - beginner student thought it wasn't a live round


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sounds like she forgot to wear her glasses that day.

1 hour ago, webfact said:

after picking up a bullet mixed with others on the floor

sounds like she forgot to wear her glasses ....   Lol

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2 hours ago, Cabradelmar said:

I own handguns. I shoot IDPA and have been to many ranges with many instructors, and never have I used or even seen a "dummy" round. The gun is either loaded or it's not. Your job is to know which it is. Why would this even happen? This confusion about the round being live or not. Or is the only dummy here the person who shot the instructor.

And the unfortunate victim who somehow got in front of a gun…at a gun range … huge no no. 😡

heart attack from shock ? Nobody dies from a 9 mm round to the shoulder! it surely must have deflected to heart ? A 7.62 or 50 cal hit is certainly possible to kill though, anywhere , from massive kinetic energy. 


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1 minute ago, greenmonkey said:

surely a shooting range has cctv... you would think!?

Perhaps the cameras were STF 😆

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