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Two booze ban days coming up in Thailand


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1 hour ago, JonnyF said:

Never understood why they don't allow the purchase if a foreign passport is provided.


That would help the tourist businesses to continue as normal and not ruin 2 days of peoples holidays. It's not like they have a problem differentiating between Thais and foreigners on other issues. I guess they only like to do that when it results in a benefit for the Thai as opposed to a benefit to the foreigner.

Overall agree but then we are applying farang logic to the issue... 555

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1 hour ago, hotchilli said:

Might just as well cancel the election then.

That'll be their twisted intent anyway. 

We should be expecting some sort of manipulated scheme of this fashion in the coming weeks. 


It's what they do, isn't it?


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6 hours ago, webfact said:

In case drunkenness influences voters to tick the wrong box in Thailand‘s upcoming elections, alcohol sales will be banned nationwide for two Saturdays next month – early voting day and Election Day.

But Thais can still go get medicinally HIGH those days …. As nice and legal to go and do that.

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45 minutes ago, VocalNeal said:

All Thais know where to buy alcohol on all days. This doesn't effect them one iota. 


Yes of course, and so do expats. However that wasn't my point.


My point is that this needlessly affects business owners and tourists. It would be so simple to allow foreigners to be excluded from this silly paternalistic tradition.

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1 minute ago, JonnyF said:

It would be so simple to allow foreigners to be excluded from this silly paternalistic tradition.

I have walked into a hotel ( Now called Avani) sat by the pool/bar and ordered a beer, on a no beer day, no problem. I wasn't a guest and no one asked. 


Is there any country that makes different rules for foreigners???? 


Maybe residents of hotels could be excluded.

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So booze ban the week before the election for early voting is because 3% of registered voters registered to vote on this day. I don't care what anyone says but this is straight from the minds of complete imbiciles. Of course these absolute empty headed idiots who come up with this complete nonsense will be well and truly smashed Sat night and Sunday.

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11 hours ago, dinsdale said:

I guess people won't stock up pre 6 pm on Sat then thus avoiding 'ticking the wrong box' on voting day. The logic is just incredible. Bit like alcohol ban Buddhist holidays were everyone stocks up and drinks on their day off if they get one. Especially if it's a Fri or Mon. It's just so infantile.

Before people get too far off track, I think you need to remember that bars used to be closed on election day in Canada and the U.S. until polls closed


People when they vote should have a clear head.


Hell n some areas the bar was the actual voting station.


The rule in Canada in the 2000 was that a person could be refused to be allowed to vote if they appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or any drug.  The hassle was that the rep for the different parties had to view the persona nd agree.


Could you imagine trying ot get the PT PPRP ans all these micro parties reps in one poll

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20 hours ago, webfact said:

Buying or selling votes
Preventing eligible voters from casting their ballots
Providing free transport for eligible voters to voting stations
Intentionally damaging a ballot paper

Laughable to think Thailand could hold an election without these inducements!

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Last time there was an election here, it fell exactly on my 50th birthday. I honestly and truly didn't even think about the election (let's be honest, if you're turning 50, who would be thinking about elections?). Anyways, minutes before 6 o'clock I sail into my favourite pub up on Sukhumvit with a big smile on my face and a wad of money in my wallet. I order a pint of the black stuff only to be told "Sorry sir, we're closing at 6. No can sell alcohol today". That was the driest birthday of my entire adult life! 

Never again! 

Now I is a gonna stock up real good this time round! 

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Alcohol Sales Prohibited During Early Voting and Election Days
by Paul Rujopakarn



BANGKOK (NNT) - To avoid unnecessary incidents or complications, alcohol sales will be banned throughout Thailand on the day of early voting and Election Day next month.


Alcohol sales and distribution will be forbidden from 6:00 PM. on May 6 until 6:00 PM on May 7, and from 6:00 PM on May 13 until 6:00 PM on May 14.


The ban applies to everyone living in the country and violating it can result in a prison sentence of six months or a fine of up to 10,000 baht, or both.


Authorities also urged voters to familiarize themselves with the rules for the next election in order to avoid unintentional violations, such as photographing a marked ballot paper or taking a ballot paper out of a voting station.


Among those on the list are buying or selling votes, purposely destroying ballot papers, and stopping eligible voters from voting. Violators will face harsh penalties for breaking the law.


Source: https://thainews.prd.go.th/en/news/detail/TCATG230427090613581


-- © Copyright NNT 2023-04-27

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