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Phuket’s Crime-Free Project Nabs Over 1,000 Foreigners for Visa Overstay 


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Visa crackdown in Phuket: Over 1,000 foreigners nabbed for overstaying

by Mitch Connor



Photo via Freepik


A crime-free initiative in Phuket has seen significant success, with over 1,000 foreigners caught for overstaying their visas.


This achievement is credited to the collaboration between the Phuket Immigration Office and 800 accommodation providers on the island, who have adopted crime-free measures that enable them to report any suspicious activities involving their foreign guests.


Phuket’s immigration chief, Thanet Sukchai, revealed that the number of foreign guests registered at accommodations in Phuket in the past two months was over 20% higher than the number of foreign tourists who had arrived during that time. He also mentioned that the new database had recently assisted the police in locating a missing foreigner.


Between May 1 and 25, Immigration Police conducted raids at 1,550 targeted locations in Phuket, resulting in the arrest of 11 foreigners who had overstayed their visas and four others who had entered Thailand illegally.


The Immigration Bureau’s Information Technology Centre reported that 1,050 foreigners overstayed their visas, with 391 not staying at their registered accommodations, and 228 have already left the country.


Out of the visa overstayers, 331 tourists applied for visa extensions, 109 were reported dead, one was bedridden, and another had obtained Thai citizenship. Legal action is being taken against only nine overstayers, according to Thanet Sukchai.


Full story: https://thethaiger.com/news/national/phuket-crime-free-project-finds-1000-foreigners-overstaying-visas



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Wonder what the regular arrests numbered for all other non visa related violations.

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3 minutes ago, Guderian said:

It would be interesting to see a breakdown by nationality. How many of them are young Russians avoiding Putin's draft but running out of legal options to stay in Thailand? How many are Chinese crims operating dodgy schemes intended to defraud their fellow countrymen? I doubt that many of them are Westerners, but I'd like to see the data to prove or disprove that assumption.

And Ukrainians. They dragging them off the streets as young as 16. 

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14 minutes ago, wensiensheng said:

Looking deeper into the numbers, just 15 people were “nabbed” for overstay.


the rest were not at their reported accommodation, or had already left, or had visa applications pending, and, 109 had died! So no nabbing those 109 unfortunate souls.


the headline is just ridiculous and bears no correlation to the actual facts reported.


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16 minutes ago, Spock said:

It's absurd. Makes no sense at all. 11 people arrested and yet the headline would have us think over 1000 have been place in immigration detention.

Unfortunately, there are some situations in Thailand where criticism is not allowed  - and I'm not just talking about "Lese Majeste"!!!

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1 hour ago, Denim said:

Gonna be standing room only in IDC.

Not really.


1 hour ago, webfact said:

Legal action is being taken against only nine overstayers, according to Thanet Sukchai.


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