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Transgenderism 'a mental health disorder'

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1 hour ago, KhunLA said:

Not sure about mental health disorder, unless you let it affect your mental health.


More a confusion, want to be, disorder.  Just make up your mind, and admit to yourself, you're either gay or bisexual.   It would save a lot of alphabet use.


A male is never going to be a female, biologically.


A female is never going to be a male, biologically.


Cosmetically, and drug therapy, you may look like one, after spending too much money, but it's your body & money.


Here's a thought, and maybe a chuckle:

me at bar, trans woman makes a pass at me:

.... me ... 'I'm gay, not interested in women'

... him/her ... 'one night with me, and you'll never go back to men'????


Let that sink in, take as long as you need.

You are forgetting the fun bags.

Which your standard male's lack.

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Personally I haver zero interest in defining, or imposing what I think a person can, should, or must be.


If a person wishes to be whatever they are then that is their choice.


If a child identifies as a sex other than their physical being shows then a loving and accepting attitude is preferred to one of seeing the child as disordered.

The psychiatric DSM manual has historically been suspect and controversial regarding many so-called disorders defined and listed.

The matter of hormonal and gender reassignment/affirmation surgery for children is a contentious and prickly issue, and an issue on which I once again defer to the individual family to ponder. 


The noted and quoted character in the article is just one of the newest iterations of a GOP creep who is seeking his own power not the care of others.

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2 hours ago, JonnyF said:

Or a 50 year old bloke who said he is actually a cat or a 10 year old girl or whatever, it seems perfectly logical to presume they have some kind of mental health issue.


The fact that sometimes they transition and then later decide they were wrong to transition and they are actually their biological sex leads me further to believe it's a mental health issue. If it wasn't how could they ever regret the transition?

It's a mental disorder in KIDS. 


If a 10 year old girl said she was a 50 year old man....Something is wrong with the kid.

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36 minutes ago, Hanaguma said:

How is it homophobia? Gay and trans are very different things. 


From what I have read, there is definitely a mental health component to being trans. Gender dysphoria, auto gynephelia, certainly depression and anxiety disorders... I guess the takeaway is that care that "affirms" the person claiming to be trans is not necessarily the best option.  I can't think of too many other mental health conditions where the accepted treatment is to accept the delusion of the patient as being real. 

You are confusing psychological with mental health.


Heaping hatred on people almost certainly will give rise to a deterioration in the latter.

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