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Footwear frenzy: More than 300 shoes stolen from tourist resorts in Chiang Mai


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13 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

Despite the matter being reported by hotel owners, police refused to pursue the cases, citing that they were not the direct victims.

So I understand that the tourist has to spend the day at a police station to report the theft of his flip-flops.🤔

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Need someone watching over them with a shotgun. 

Had an incident like this at a Wat festival once. When we came out of the Wat, my Mrs shoes were gone.... had to go to one of the market stalls and buy another pair. Later on, as my Mrs caught fish with tissue paper (you will know what I mean if you have been to one), I went back and another Thai couple were fussing over missing shoes. Later on someone found a stash of a dozen well hidden pairs of shoes and a nutty old lady was deemed responsible. 

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