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Thai Authorities to Impose Sobering-Up Areas to Prevent Drunk Driving Amid 4AM Bar Closings


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1 hour ago, smedly said:

The message should be "LEAVE THE CAR AT HOME" or face stiff penalties and this should be ongoing whether 2am 3am or 4am closing, proper policing is the answer not this childish nonsense 

Exactly. Stricter penalties and enforcement might actually make a difference, not having venues policing patrons which has zero chances of working. This is just a ridiculous attempt at appeasing the wet blanket anti-alcohol crowd who claim the closing times will cause more drunk driving - which is idiotic as people who drink and drive will do so at 2am or 4am either way.

Anyway, whatever their excuses are, longer hours are very welcome.

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48 minutes ago, Scouse123 said:

A drunk neither knows nor accepts that they are drunk

That might be true for some of them.


Many of us know when we are too drunk to drive, and we don't drive.

Any many of us know that if we go out and have some drinks that then we will not be legally able to drive. This is why we leave our vehicles at home.

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Let's pretend this is serious.

What happens if a drunk guy walks out of the bar and they ask him where he goes.

He tells them he will walk around the corner where he will look for a taxi or drive with a friend.

But maybe his car is around the corner, and he will drive himself.

Should the bar employees follow him to verify his story? Should they follow for a minute or 5 or 10?

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1 minute ago, OneMoreFarang said:

By whom?

Very few people want to stay out longer.

Later closing times often only means business starts later and ends later.

By me. I like to start my night late and want to end it late. Plenty of other people do too. You're right that I don't actually want to stay out longer - I just want to be able to do it on my schedule and not some weirdly mandated government schedule that does not fit nightlife reality. (reality is that most nightclubs don't even begin to fill up before midnight, and are most busy after 2-3am)

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