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6 Thai men arrested for attacking 2 foreigners during Songkran


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Police arrested six Thai men for beating and stabbing two foreign men during the Songkran festival in the Isaan province of Roi Et on April 15.


Officers from Mueang Roi Et Police Station investigated the water fight event on Thewa Phiban Road at about 10.30pm on April 15 after receiving reports of a physical altercation. Two injured foreigners were rushed to the hospital by the rescue team before the police arrived while the attackers had already fled the scene.


Police reported that a 33 year old foreign man named Phi was a chef at a hotel in the Isaan province of Khon Kaen while the other foreigner was a 30 year old man named Shi who worked as a university professor.

Phi had bruises on his face while Shi had been stabbed in the waist. Their nationalities were not disclosed in the report, and their condition had not yet been updated.

After reviewing security camera footage, police identified and arrested six suspects yesterday, April 17, in Roi Et. One of the six suspects, a 19 year old Thai man named Rattaphum confessed to stabbing Shi on the day of the incident.


Rattaphum explained that he and his friends were initially enjoying a water fight at home and decided to join the festivities in the city centre. However, they encountered a traffic jam, preventing their car from moving.


According to Rattaphum, Phi and Shi were in an SUV behind them and honked a horn at their car. However, they could not move elsewhere because of the traffic. Phi and Shi then got out of their SUV and asked Rattaphum and their friends to move.


Rattaphum said he and his friend were angry and the gang attacked the foreign victims. Rattaphum claimed that he felt like one of the victims attempted to stab him. He claimed he found a knife on the road and stabbed Shi with that weapon.


Despite the alleged traffic congestion reported by Rattaphum, he and his friends successfully fled the scene following the assault.


All six suspects have been charged under Section 295 of the Criminal Law for physically assaulting others, and causing bodily harm. The potential punishment includes imprisonment for a maximum of two years, a fine of up to 40,000 baht, or both.


WARNING: The following video may be disturbing for some viewers. Discretion is advised



by Petch Petpailin

Photo via Facebook/ ร้อยเอ็ด ทันข่าว


Source: The Thaiger 2024-04-18


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The victims honked n got out of their cars to confront their attackers? 

Either the victims were drunk n foolhardy or they were simply arrogant n looking for a fight. 🤣🤣 so the victims lost n now claim to be victimised… 

I will have more sympathy if the victims had remained in their car n were attacked for no reason. 

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5 minutes ago, Jonathan Swift said:


Wahhhhh, unfair to falang, wahhhhh. This whining gets old. If you don't like the way Thailand does things go back where you came from. I don't blame Thai people for being angry at foreigners when they misbehave. They have every right to be prejudiced if that's the case, it's just human nature. You're all a bunch of intruders to them, they didn't invite you here. And from where I sit it doesn't look like you have much understanding or respect for them. (I'm not referencing this incident or these particular criminals, only the ones you generally imply are "so unfair") And it's the kettle calling the stove black - you're no less prejudiced, your prejudice against Thais is transparently revealed by all  your remarks. You have no moral authority to preach from. Nor do any of the rest of you. Who cares how the press covers it? There is little or no real journalism left ANYWHERE in the world. The rest of us didn't come here to listen to a bunch of doddering complainers. We know where we're better off - here - and we're grateful. I've managed to get through 10 years here without being treated so unfairly that I have to cry to the newspapers. Imagine that. If you want to change the world join the Peace Corps. And lastly, this is an example to prove all of you wrong - Thai people actually being arrested by Thai police, but that's not good enough, is it? Of course not. You enjoy complaining too much. 


or they could not beat people for simply honking their horn but of course you will hold them to lowest possible standard.

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3 hours ago, rexpotter said:

Dam, honk the horn and we get stabbed or shot.

Not the worst rule I've ever heard LOL.  I think there is more to this story than "they honked so we stabbed them."  

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