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Anyone else snort their Cialis/Kamagra etc?

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4 minutes ago, scubascuba3 said:

I don't need it but isn't Kamagra a gel?

You would have needed it with these two. Insatiable they were.

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33 minutes ago, Lucky Bones said:

Funniest thread for a while gentlemen.

Almost gave me a small woody.🙃🙃

Take the whole gel pack instead of half and that small woody would have turned into a large redwood.

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There is a reason why legitimate pharmaceutical products come with a product monograph that provide clear instructions on how to use the product. People who do not follow  the instructions are usually the ones who have adverse reactions and who sometimes die.

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i dont like the gels..tastes gross....


my chinese guy in chinatown has a korean knockoff and they work well..has a banana on the pack 🙂


i usually  use a 1/4 or half and ive chewed it once but UGH....they usually dissolve quick and 30 mins later....also take on empty stomach for rapid results! 🙂

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