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Fake time, real warning: Thai couple’s scam alert - video

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43 minutes ago, happysoul said:

I have daily 3 to 5 adverts for fake Rolex on Facebook. I ask sometimes questions and can tell that none of them are good in English. I'll let you guess their nationality.


Not good at English?  Could they be Scottish?


I literally had to lipread when I had meetings with a couple of Scottish guys I worked with.  Great guys and extremely competent.  Just hard for this Texan to understand. 


Perhaps the guy with the watch got mad at being filmed because he didn't want to get deported for a WP violation.  Or it may just be the watch was fake.

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12 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

He insisted on selling it. When we suspected it was a scam and took a video of him, the man got angry and gave me the middle finger. Please be careful. I almost lost money to him

Why, too cheap to be true but you nearly bought it ?

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a) he will eventually get arrested for ............ not holding a work permit
b) what he is doing, is ...... wrong, yet if the authorities would focus more on copyrights, trademarks etc. and less on digital wallets, special tourism zones and 300 Baht landing taxation for tourists ....... There is not a day in the calendar where I am not offered fake watches, fake viagra, illegal copies of movies on CDs and the usual offerings of fake hand bags and purses in Bangkok on the way to/from work

Lock him up and start educating your own people that ........ if a deal seems to be too good to be true then ........ the rest is history 😉

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11 hours ago, Pouatchee said:

sounded , more russian than italian to me...

I was thinking the same thing, surely a scammer like him would not reveal his true nationality. 

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