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Thailand's reversal on cannabis serves as a warning


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14 minutes ago, ignore it said:



If the puritans get there way and weed goes back to being a sin or crime, the weed shops all get closed and happiness returns, what about the weed I have now?


Will my weed be grandfathered?


Should I go and buy a lot of the exotics available now?


Asking for myself.



I suspect there may be a bit of flip-flipping before then... or more realistically... 


Just like a lot of major announcements such as this... those in positions of decision making power make the announcement before realising what a cluster fluck they are creating... and that the shift is just not tenable... 

... so they end up keeping quiet... and then the panic settles into just the memory of an announcement while everyone carries on doing the same thing while remaining silent...  


A few shops will get raided, public photos etc.. and that will be it... 


Don't smoke openly in the street and I imagine you'll be fine.


Get yourself into trouble and have your apartment / house searched... and they'll make a song and dance about it...   'bad farang caught with....'




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29 minutes ago, dinsdale said:

Sadly the anti-drug conservative zealots will have their way as they sit there drinking down their alcohol. Fair chance that the anti-drug posters on here are having a few drinks and few cigs as they type away saying what a demon drug dope is. Problems will increase not decrease with recrimanalistion. Prohibition doesn't work. Everyone knows this. Everyone knows that dope will still be available and everyone knows that the money made from black market sales with recriminalisation goes back to the criminals. Dope is one of the least harmful drugs. This is 100% Thaksin and Army and maybe someone else. 

The older I get, the less I drink. I understand it is not good for me, and give me no advantages health vise or socially. 


Alchohol and other drugs, must be controlled, because to many people do not know their own best. Thats the truth, like it or not

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2 minutes ago, dinsdale said:

There are many lists showing what drugs are the worst. I challenge anyone to post one that has dope above alcohol, nicotine, meth, coke, heroin, and fentanyl. 

As I said. This may [or may not be] the case for heavy users. Having the occasional joint do you think this is so or are you just regurgitating worst case scenarios used in arguments against the 'evil weed'. Reefer Madness is a classic example of propoganda demonising the herb.

Religion, social media, make your pick! We are bored to death, so we are easy targets for stimulants whatever it is. 


I got rid of social media, just AN left now. 

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8 hours ago, dinsdale said:

Easy answer is to regulate. Does the government not have the brains to do this? Yeh! Silly question I know but a $1.2 billion dollar so around Bt45 billion baht will now be binned and black market money will go back to the criminals in the drug industry so the drug kingpins, generals, BIB, smugglers and dearlers. Yep! This seems like a rational thing to do.

Consider also that the black market will be more extensive and lucrative than ever before as more people have become recreational users during the 2-year free-for-all. Users will forgo healthy eating to save money for weed, which will be much more expensive on the black market.

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8 hours ago, Emdog said:

The warning is: Don't invest in Thailand. You can't depend on rule of law: they can change laws at the drop of a hat, irrespective of anyone's financial loss




You cannot trust anything in this country when it comes to business and money. I include other farangs in that as well.


I have been extremely lucky, and it is possible to do well with hard work, but that is only if you go in with the above rule in your head at all times.

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Posted (edited)
9 hours ago, John Drake said:

Prayuth was better.

Really? You really think so?


On this one issue or across the board?


Missing the "smack of firm government" are we?


Or is cheap and easy access to wacky baccy the beginning and end of life?


In my opinion, whilst there is plenty to criticise about this government ( including the chaotic way they are approaching this matter) they are incomparably better, and the people are happier with them, than with what went before!



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4 hours ago, Guderian said:

I hope all the Thaksin fans are happy now...



I have just shown this picture to my four dogs. They are on a high following a noisy but ultimately effective hunt for "the enemy", a 9" gecko which has been roaming the kitchen for the last week or so. They are ready to go, where do we start?

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