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Thailand Raises Concerns Over Ukrainian Food Security Amid Conflict


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On 6/17/2024 at 12:11 PM, Hamus Yaigh said:


And yet whilst 84 countries signed a joint communiqué at the peace meeting held in Switzerland only 3 countries who sent top level delegates refused to sign it. That could certainly be interpreted as a signal of tacit support for Russia's position. A position condoning Russia's violation of the UN Charter and international law by its invading another country.


Thailand was one of those three countries.

That would require a set of Kahunies.

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22 hours ago, Srikcir said:

After more than 2.5 years of Russian invasion, Thailand voices "concerns?" Maybe contributing to Ukraine's defense of its ports, grain gathering and shipments would deflate some of those concerns. But Thailand itself appears to be a political hostage that should be a greater concern.

 Not Thailands business, nor Europes or USAs for that matter.

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