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Neighbors thought smell of rotting copse was just Thai food!


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Neighbors thought smell of rotting copse was just Thai food!



Picture: Daily News


BANGKOK: -- Neighbors at a block of flats in Samut Prakan thought the foul smell in the building was fermented fish.


It was in fact the stench emanating from the body of a 58 year old man who had been dead a month already.


Fermented fish - or pla raa - is a common ingredient in Thai foods like Som Tam (papaya salad). It has a strong and distinctive odor.


Bang Sao Thong police were called to the flats and found the body of 58 year old Koson Khemcharoen in an advanced state of decomposition.


The room on the second floor was locked from the inside and there were no suspicious circumstances. He had been dead at least a month, reported Daily News.


Neighbors said that the smell of pla raa was often detected in the building but after it didn't go away for some time they finally became suspicious and tried knocking on the door of their neighbor.


Then they realized it wasn't fermented fish but the smell of a decaying human body.


They said their neighbor had quit his job some time ago and was renting the room and selling amulets.


Source: Daily News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-06-09
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Rather sad that the guy was gone for a month and nobody missed him.


But not hard to see how someone could get into that situation, even easier for a lot of expats with no local family or close friends...


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1 minute ago, akirasan said:

He must have walked under a clothesline

Lol, I always laugh at this one, Thai guys refusing to walk underneath my clothesline because it will damage the power of their amulets that they rely on rather than seat belts.

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I drew a similar conclusion once. I couldn't understand how Thai food could have been left in my toolbox. It turned out to be a dead rat. Smells just like my mother-in-law's fish sauce only you have to get pretty close to the rat before you can smell it. I told her and my wife, but they didn't laugh. 

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1 hour ago, johncat1 said:

If pla raa  ( or baddak ) has such a distinctive smell why did they think  that the smell was pla raa  and not a rotting body ?


Apparently the distinctive odour is shared by rotting corpses. 

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8 hours ago, trogers said:

That's why Thai food is world renowned...

Never understood why T Food is rated so high, wife loves it as she is a local but it appears the worse it smells the more they like it, a bit like Durian that reeks like no tomorrow. Hate waking up to some of the smells that come from our kitchen makes me feel so ill. Thank god she has many other good points, so worth the trade off.

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6 hours ago, AhFarangJa said:

So Sad, only 58 years old, and no family to miss him. One month is a long time for nobody at all to notice you missing......

R.I.P.    :sad:

obviously didn't owe money, well not to the neighbors anyway

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When my Thai family cooks certain foods, I have to get out of the building as the smell is terrible.

  I am like that othe commenter, in that there are just some foods that I avoid completely.

   I find that I eat more and more western when I stay in Thailand, guess it is the food I am used to.

  I uess this guy was not very sociable to be dead a month and no one noticed. Sad ending.


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