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She didn’t treat you particularly well. If the boot was on the other foot would she call you? I think we all know the answer to that question. Move on, and don’t look back.

You said you "used to know her then split up" so I'm guessing it was more than platonic. I would call, listen to her, be sympathetic but nothing more. Let her talk. She had her opportunities. Sad situ

It's sad that she is dying, and even sadder that she's contacting her exes (who she has previously rejected and blocked) and trying to gouge them before she kicks the bucket. She treated you with cont

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51 minutes ago, starky said:

So burnt by a Thai girl I'm guessing? 

Holy <deleted>.


Lol, never been burnt by a girl of any kind, seen a lot of mates get burnt by them though, even with the x wife, non Thai, I still came out much better off than most I knew.


As they say with snakes, not comparing women to them, otherwise I would get banned on TVF, when it comes to snakes, one has to know how to handle the snake, otherwise one could get bitten 🙂



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2 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

Good that I arrived late to this thread.

I saw the first post happened 12 hours ago.

And the last post from the OP was 12 hours ago. Yeah, there is only one post.

<censored> you!, case closed.

Maybe he's still thinking...lol. be rude not to give an update.

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