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Phuket Sandbox: All tourists to wear location tracking wristbands


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14 minutes ago, WineOh said:

how will they advertise this back in the UK at your local travel agents?


Holiday in Phuket whilst wearing a police tag.
your movements will be tracked by Thai officials day and night

No wine or beer with your meal and definitely no clubbing.


Walking around is allowed providing you wear your mask or face a 20,000 baht fine.

terms and conditions subject to change without any prior warning.


hardly appetizing is it????



You can take your meal in your room and buy alcohol at a mini-mart,

or has consumption of the "devils brew" been completely banned for the duration of ones stay in the sandbox?

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43 minutes ago, toolpush said:

I hope I can get one next time I arrive. Be great fun to put it through various torture tests like in the old Timex Watch commercials.

Stick your hand in a bag of ice

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