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Thailand Will Adopt New Policy to Reopen within This Year


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1 minute ago, MrJ2U said:

Especially prevalent here.

Much more prevalent within the confines of those selected civilised cultures.

Most have become blind to such realities.

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4 hours ago, Kadilo said:

That’s for 3 x tests I believe. If you work it out in £ it’s around £60 per test. 

As a comparison they are charging up to £90 in the UK. So Thais not the only ones to rob you. 

UK is changing to lateral flow tests when you arrive back from 1st Oct according to the update by Boris today, so much cheaper, when you actually come to Thailand then you will of course need fit to fly certificate pcr test but as you know boots the chemist is everywhere and it’s 85 pounds there, 48 hour turnaround time. Better than the cheaper places that often take longer.

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Can someone tell TAT Governor Yuthasak Supasorn not to waste his and other people's time please. 


I had to look it up as well but SOP stands for "standard operating procedure". Share the breaking news with the kiddo at the TAT that, as long as Khon Thai cant even stop at a red light once it is red, the "One SOP One System Policy" might be yet another golden opportunity to loose face and prove, how things are definitely NOT done! 

What a joke, take the clown away and try to find a real professional for the job! 

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7 minutes ago, Sydebolle said:

I had to look it up as well but SOP stands for "standard operating procedure". 

Perhaps if you read the text you wouldn't have to look it up.



he said, under this plan, every province will apply the same standard operating procedure (SOP)

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