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I'm bored. Please name your top 2 websites and 2 youtube channels that you like.

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Too many favourites to be mentioned......a wide variety can be considered a favourite. 

No such beast as a singular or a couple of favourites. The list is endless.


Of the YouTube class, that's even broader - 

Small example:

Voice TV





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For Youtube I love  movies from the 60s or 70s.  Remembering the fashions, the language, places I used to live, etc.  Matt Helm movies, In Like Flint.   And so many songs and music from the 60s I had never heard.


  I listen to Thai Radio all the time.  Love it.



  I watch the streaming live High Stakes Poker now and then.  I don't play those high stakes but I do play and have spent many hours in the casinos in Los Angeles that broadcast those.


  Finance wise I am pretty set on the path my equities are on (dividends and income) so I pretty much don't have a need to move things around.  But I browse Morningstar for details,  watch bloomberg online when my cable package does not carry it,


 I play free poker online.  Would never put real money in to those crooks.  I probably can't post that site but a few hours a week is interesting.   I even play a free slot machine now and then.  Again never put real $$ in.


House hunting for my retirement home or even a rental investment I typically start with Zillow because their search features are pretty good.  Then if I find a property I find the redfin has more information such as crime, flood, noise ratings etc,  for a property.  Sadly, Zillow is often not that up to date and propertie sale or not for sale status is a bit suspect. 


  And of course I scan Thai Visa for Thailand updates, and Youtube for some of the daily news and often watch and listen to the Thai News, Thai PBS etc.  I like the language


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YouTube Channels:

Daniel LaBelle - the most intense, thought-provoking content known to mankind.

DUST - short but decent sci-fi movies when you just don't have the time or patience to watch a full-length


Only one unfortunately. Ever since I subscribed to aseannow.com, my browser automatically directs me to it no matter what I try. Tried unsubscribing from the newsletter, but all that happened was an extra quick load of the homepage + auto login to the website. I tried complaining but that just blue-screened my PC for three days.

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I don't subscribe to any YouTube channels, but I watch videos about science, inventions, space exploration, mechanical engineering, all things technical.  I also watch videos about different retirement destinations (in this part of the world).


For entertainment, I enjoy British comedies from my days back in the UK >> Dad's Army, Rising Damp etc.  I briefly subscribed to Netflix, but found it was mostly US movies and US comedy.  Not of interest to me at all ????

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