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Thailand targets $26 billion in local tourism revenue next year


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10 hours ago, 2long said:

If it's 'local tourism' then it's hardly revenue, is it? The money's just moving around, without the international tourist dollar coming in!

You just spoilt their cunning plan.

This year it was "lets go halves", tourists pay half the government subsidies the rest.


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There is only one solution, that is for the Government to print money and devaluation, resulting in significant reduction in wealth of the local Hiso population (the small number of international elites will endure to continue as puppet masters). However, he who hesitates is destined to lose. Which SE Asia country will devaluate first?

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If you think standing shoulder to shoulder is a great way for a holiday think again!


Tourists take pictures at Phu Thap Buek mountain in Phetchabun province which is beautiful when your spending it with a few people!


Dream on TAT no one is going to come to Quarantine, tests etc let alone your 500 baht fee


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