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First group of 43 passengers arrives from Japan as Thailand reopens borders Monday


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1 hour ago, Walker88 said:

The officials and workers in the hazmat suits, greeting people who have had a negative Covid test within the last 72 hours, then finish work, go to a packed market on the way home wearing only a mask, and joining a crowd of thousands who may or may not have ever been tested.


It seems.....oddly inconsistent.

Inconsistent, have you forgotten where you are? 

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1 hour ago, champers said:

What a horrible way to greet fully jabbed tourists; complete overkill. They must have been in 2 minds about turning round and going back to Japan.

Only 11 of them, the rest were Thai.... 

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53 minutes ago, koratkarlos said:

Perhaps there is a misunderstanding.  The people coming into Thailand are vaccinated and tested.  Clearly masks, social distancing and alchohol shoul be used by all.  But HAZMAT suits.  Really.  I wish such efforts would be used at the local schools, markets and shopping areas where the real COVID transmission is taking place.  The central issue is to open up Thailand for the people living here now.  And do it safely.  The people arriving into Thailand under the current protocol will not adversely affect the spread of COVID, in my humble opinion.

Absolutely true - And these visitors are deemed necessary to revive a ruined Thai economic sector that will benefit many regular Thais, so make them feel welcome


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