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Maskless Foreigners in Bangkok


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No need to convince anybody. it's the law here - certainly in public places, and as such should be respected.


There are 'many' laws in Thailand you couldn't convince me are right, but while I live in this country, I have to respect them and would have to accept the serious consequences of not doing so.


Perhaps that's what's needed here - the threat and likelihood of more serious consequences being dealt out to people who refuse to follow their health laws.

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Just now, Liverpool Lou said:

1)   In general, morons do not wear MAGA hats.

2)  How is not wearing a mask in the presence of vaccinated people "endangering their health" anymore than wearing a mask?

3)  Jail or deportation is not a necessary penalty, there are already substantial fines in place for offenders.

4)   Maybe those demanding prison and deportation for that those who don't wear their masks "properly"  should be jailed and deported also because I can guarantee that they, at some stage, have done exactly the same thing!            

To save me from repeating myself, see the above reply.  Follow the law or go home. It's not about what the barmy army think is the right thing to do in another country.

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