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Ex-Thai PM Thaksin claims major pork merchants are hoarding frozen meat


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Don't see why Thaksin says the pork in freezers can only be stored for six months when the standard is up to 2 years. Even bigger profits, its all in the timing. Smart busines I am sure the owners, shareholders are not complaining . Simple law of supply and demand.

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CP is working great on "return on investment" after 7/11, Lotus's, Siam Food Express (Makro) etc. 

I hope Dr Thaksin is aware of the fact that the "hoarded" pork reflects 2'000 tons - only - and it certainly does not have a balance-affecting impact on the pork market availability for a longer period of time! 

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17 hours ago, webfact said:

Thaksin, alias Tony Woodsome, said that, as there is insufficient pork to meet domestic demand due to the death of many breeder pigs from diseases

If there is such a shortage why are all the pork vendors stalls filled to the brim?

A shortage usually means empty stalls/shelves?

I haven't seen one vendor empty or saying sorry I'm sold out !!!!!

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39 minutes ago, expat_4_life said:

How big a deal is this so called "pork hoarding"?


Tony claims up to 5 producers are hoarding up to 400,000kg each,

5x400,000 = 2 million (kg of pork in the freezer)


Thailands pork consumption has ranged from around 9.5 to 10.5 kg @ person annually over the last 10 years.  Lets us assume it's at 10kg per person for easy math.

Population 70,000,000x10kg = 700 million (total annual kg consumption)


Now lets do daily consumption (using 350 days @ year - it an easy number),

700/350 = 2 million kg @ day.


So ex-PM Thaksin wants you to believe producers are hoarding when in fact there

is roughly only enough pork in the freezer to last a day .... hmmmm


Also if the price is high due to a lack of pigs, now is the time to sell before everyone just buys more chicken instead. 

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9 minutes ago, bstafford214 said:

I truly believe this is happening now in Thailand. So many things we need to live have increased greatly, petrol and pork prices especially. Now I hear many other things going up, like eggs. How and why is this happening to the Thai people? Why isn't the government trying to do something to help? Is there too many rich corrupted politicians in this country, more than the US and other countries. I really believe that the government is working with these pork merchants and making money off the public. When will the Thai people wake up and get rid of the clowns that are in power?

It's happening all over - the UK has just had its highest inflation figures for about 13 years. Gas and electricity are big contributers lately. 

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