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Doomsday warnings for 2023

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21 hours ago, internationalism said:

if there is war escalation, with new more advanced military equipment being deployed, there is possibility of 3ww.

That increases chances for nukes being used, as many countries will be involved in active fighting

IMO either we die all in a nuclear WW3 or we overpopulate/ pollute ourselves to extinction.


Have a nice day.

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7 minutes ago, ozimoron said:

I'm hoping the new world government selects the climate deniers to be the first colonizers of the moon and Mars. They deserve it. Kind of like how Irish convicts, jailed for stealing bread from the English, were sent to Australia.

As you as you lot promise to stay down here and not try to apply for a visa to come and visit us 

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10 hours ago, ozimoron said:

In a delusion of biblical proportions, they deny that all of climate change is caused by human activity and virtually nothing else. The world should be in a cooling phase but for this human activity. Their denial is based on political affiliation and little else. They point to opinions of widely discredited scientists who are paid by the fossil fuel industry to produce pseudoscience. The politicians they vote for are bought and paid by fossil fuel lobbyists. It is indeed a doomsday scenario.

LOL. I'm still waiting for anyone to come up with affordable, effective and acceptable solutions to man made pollution. So far nada.


What is the first thing people wanted to do after restrictions eased- get on a plane to travel! 5555555. So much for doing something practical by not flying and polluting the atmosphere.

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for climate change, it may be hard to prove to what extent human activity is causing it.

and maybe we can't fully trust the science.

there are other aspects of climate that is never talked about.

air pollution is out of control in many parts of the world. 

the oceans are heavily polluted to the point where it is hardly not safe to eat fish anymore.

many species are going extinct. this is easily provable and cannot be denied. 

we should stop focusing on the term "climate change" and call it sth broader like "environmental degradation". 


one thing the WEF is planning to combat environmental degradation is "15 minute cities", where everything is within walking or biking distance.



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There won't be a nuclear war any time soon as the US has a 1973 based system (polais II and Minuteman III) that is managed on an 'until fail' principle. Russia, on the other hand, has hypersonics, so no guessing as to who would survive.


As others have said, climate changes - unsurprising seeing as literally everything is changing all of the time. Having said that, a not insignificant amount of the changes happening are at least influenced by man. There is a theory that God invented man so that he could make a plastic-full world, so maybe we have fulfilled our purpose and it is curtains for us - I need to go to black magic for an answer.......

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