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Foreigners Who Allegedly Attacked Thai Tourists on Samui Island Reportedly Relocated to Phuket


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2 minutes ago, SuperSilverHaze said:

Reinforcement as to why good idea to stay away both places

Why stay away?

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1 minute ago, rwill said:

According to an article on Thaiger they claimed to be part of a rich and powerful mafia group.  It started when one of the men stepped on the Thai womans foot and handbag while standing on a sofa to get a better view of the fireworks.


It does also state that other foreigners tried to help the Thai women and they were also attacked.


I'm not sure if you can Link Thaiger articles here so I did not.


Was the Thaiger article also nearly 2 weeks after the supposed event?

Why the delay I wonder......

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If in fact they are Ex-Pats, they better pack their ditty bags cause they are out of here! Ex-Pats should know better than to get involved with Thai's especially where alcohol is available.


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Look awfully young to be true expats. One wonders Der how they determined they were expats and not tourists who come and go many times a year.


If the incident is proven true then they should be charged, fined, di jail time or be deported with a blacklisting.


In the end the listing as a expat attacking Thais gives is all a black eye.

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The reporting on this alleged incident is so vague as to question what really happened. I can't imagine why a group of foreigners would attack a group of Thai tourists unless excessive drugs and drink were involved. Even then it seems highly unlikely.

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